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Let’s say you were to get onto a plane and the captain announces that the plan you have boarded has not been serviced for a year or so but its okay we will still fly you, how would you feel? So why would you want to drive a car at 120km/hr that has missed its service. Is it not a death trap like the un-serviced plane?
Most of us have been tempted to skip vehicle servicing. We keep going until the car starts complaining. They need to be serviced so that they can keep taking us from point A to point B. We must stick to servicing our vehicles always. Here is why.
Even if you are not driving your car a lot, oil degrades, it loses its protection properties with time. You need to change your oil at the specified times or within 6 to 9 months. It loses it lubrication qualities and abilities. It starts to accumulate acids, sludge and vanishes within your engine.
According to Godwin Kwenda the MD for DRIVUS world, “regular servicing will give you peace of mind as a driver. It will allow you to drive your machine confidently. You will get the all clear that all electrical systems are working and functioning correctly. We hardly check on such things as lights. DRIVUS world service entre will do that for you. It will give you a detailed report on all electrics. This could save you from fines as well”
Rubber components and hoses deteriorate over times. They will start cracking and getting holes. Hoses may become rigid with time and may not keep up with engine movements. This will result in them cracking. This might create malfunctions into the cooling system of the car.
Brake fluid is hydroscopic. This means it absorbs moisture from the air. Brakes can reach temperatures of 300 degrees plus. This means the water in the brake fluid will boil and create steam. Steam is a gas. When you step on your brakes it will compress. This means your brake pedals will travel more before being able to activate the braking system and bringing your car to a halt. This might even result in brake failure and an accident.
Tyres usually have a 5 year life span there after they will start cracking around the sidewalls. This might lead to punctures and blow outs. Regular tyre checks might also pick anomalies with the suspension and steering components
Substances such as engine coolant do deteriorate with time. It can become acidic with time. Getting your vehicle serviced means they will check on the chemical composition and protective qualities of the coolant instead of just checking on the coolant levels.
Service is not just about replacing oil. All oil leaks are identified and the cause must be eliminated for it could be something that damages your vehicle. It could mean seals have to be replaced. This can happen even to vehicles that are not used a lot. Regular servicing will identify and eliminate these faults and defects before they cause breakdowns and unnecessary expenses. They might even cause loss of lives due to a malfunctioning vehicle. You will save time, money and even lives.
If a car is not serviced over time defect develop. These defects become expensive to fix. It will keep the vehicle in a reliable condition and roadworthy. It will keep you safe. Most of all it will protect your car from going to the car graveyard.
Most car manufacturers have now moved to 15000 kms service interval or once a year service in developed countries. This might not be applicable to Zimbabwe because of our roads and type of fuels.
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