Meet Eve Mudzingwa The CEO of Eves Wellness Brand and Zim Biker Queen

Meet Eve Mudzingwa The CEO of Eves Wellness Brand and Zim Biker Queen

CEO sounds scary, Strive levels 🤣…. More like Founder

1. In a few words who is Evonne Mudzingwa.

A mother, founder of Eves Wellness Brand, a social extreme athlete who is
motivated by the fear of being ordinary.

2. Describe Evonne in one word.


3. What has been your biggest learning since you started Eves Wellness brand?

1. everything happens when it’s supposed to happen, effortlessly
2. Not to take anything personally
3. Every rejection is a redirection

4. What led you to take up biking?

The sheer love of it, the freedom and adrenaline rush that it brings. Riding a bike is sexy.

5. Can you briefly walk us through the journey you had to take to become a biker?

Once I decided on becoming a biker, I saved for my deposit , ordered my bike, it took my 6 months to finish paying. I spent a weekend in South Africa at learning how to ride with speed queen. I briefly rode with Bikerboyz Motorcycle club but wasn’t the right fit so I joined Scorpions Motorcyxle club until it disbanded. I finally settled for Ulysesses and Survivors Motorcycly clubs which I am still a member. A year of riding as a prospect, I received my club colours.

6. How do you keep up with biking in a male dominated environment?

More like how do they keep up with me😂. I’m basically one of the boys, I am most comfortable with the boys , always have been. However I have and do face a lot of prejudice from society, especially since I was the only female rider for the longest and still
Mostly am even though we now have a couple More female riders .

7. What was our first bike and how did you acquire it?

Kawasaki Ninja 300, I bought it over 6 months paying in installments. Gellos imported for me from South Africa.It was a brand new anniversary edition. I loved it

8. What is the future of biking for females in Zimbabwe?

Growing, a female motorcycle club. I would like to think that over the years I have inspired many a Zimbabwean women to ride.

9. Do biking clubs have initiation ceremonies, if so please let us in into one of them?

Not initiation as such but an awarding of club colours. Zimbabwean Motorcycle clubs are pretty chilled, nothing hectic like what we see in Sons of Anarchy or these biking gang movies. When I joined I had to have attended several motorcycle rallies (out of town weekend rides) and also a certain number of track days before one could be awarded club colours.

10. Do biking clubs have a biker’s code of honour that they live by? If so care to share one important one.

We do not leave any biker behind no matter what

11. A number of bikers have lost their lives in Zimbabwe due to biking accidents, are you not scared and what are clubs doing to mitigate these loses of human life?

I have indeed lost a couple of very close riding mates to biking accidents over the years. It’s always scary when that happens, but I have never contemplated stopping riding. I believe that death is guaranteed, we just don’t know when & how. We shouldn’t let the fear of dying stop us from living. Sadly most of the bikikg accidents have been due to motorists negligent driving and not fault of the bikers. We have biker awareness rides a couple of times a year to bring attention that biker lives matters.

12. How do you balance motherhood, biking, work and your social life?

I started riding when my children were pretty grown and didn’t demand too much of my time. Generally I only ride on weekends, either Saturday or Sunday. On weekends that I’m working , I ride to work. Biking is my social life , my social Life revolves around my biking.

14. What’s the greatest risk you ever took in your life and why do you say so?

Quitting my formal employment to start up a business.

18. You have climbed Kilimanjaro. Describe your experience and why you took up the challenge.

It was the most humbling, beautiful, amazing but not fun experience if that makes sense. It was a mixed bag. I am all about challenges, pushing boundaries, exploring and seeing as much of the world as I can afford and body allows.

19. What other daring adventures have you embarked on in your life?

I’ve run several marathons over the years with completing Two Oceans Ultra and Comrades Ultra being my running ultimate.
2. Spartan Obstacle Races
3. Completed Ironman70.3
4. Rode to Northern Cape on my Honda NC750
5. Scuba diving in the Chinhoyi Caves

Bungee Jumping , zip lines, gorge swings are just the norm

21. What’s your favourite bike and why?

I love bikes PERIOD, my current bikes, Honda NC750, Triumph America and Kawasaki Ninja are my current favourites because they are beautiful beasts, comfortable , reliable and most importantly … are mine.

22. On a journey across Africa what would you take, a bike or a 4x4 vehicle and why?

That’s a tough one because I also love the landrover Defender old shape, short wheel base. However Definitely my bike, the view of the world on a bike is unparalleled. Bike takes you places quicker, we don’t stop at tollgates nor do we queue at traffic