"Kill Me Fast" Collection: Ducati 1098 and 1198
Danish artist Kristian van Hornsleth was motivated by the concepts of "beauty, speed, and death" to display his artwork on ten Ducati motorcycles. The 1098 and 1198 models are part of the Kill Me Fast private collection, which resembles a section of a graffiti wall. This bike is a wise investment for adventurers with an eye for design. Due to a discussion he had with a salesman about the risks associated with riding such a superbike, Kristian was advised to utilize the bike to showcase his creative talent. The salesman's reaction, "You don't feel anything when you hit a wall driving 320 kph," beautifully illuminated Kristian's creative series.
Ducati has earned a spotless image as one of the top motorbike manufacturers in the world over the years. They are also outrageously pricey, but that is unimportant at this moment. The point is that a Ducati bike doesn't require much to capture people's attention, but if you're really looking to swing for the fences and going a little too far is a possibility, then perhaps these special edition 1098 and 1198 Ducati bikes would appeal to your taste.
These limited-edition bikes were created by the Danish artist Kristian van Hornsleth and are covered in ten, to put it mildly, one-of-a-kind paint jobs from his "Kill Me Fast" series.
We're not sure how suitable the moniker is considering how dangerous these machines are for the reckless—a 0-100 km/h time of under three seconds and a top speed of 320km/h do that to you—but given the painstaking workmanship and flashy looks, there's something eerily appealing about these bikes.
Not that we can afford one, but hey, we can make due with anything short of actually purchasing one, even if that means spending way too much time looking at the pictures. Examine them, and you could decide to follow their example.