DRIVUS WORLD exceeding customers’ expectations


DRIVUS WORLD exceeding customers’ expectations

DRIVUS World has over the years established itself as Zimbabwe’s service centre of choice and it has exceeded customers’ expectations in the process. The service centre will take in most known brands. Their team of qualified experienced technicians is able to give you advice on maintaining your vehicle to save you money in the long run. Their workshop personnel have unrivalled knowledge in vehicle repairs and meets the strict standards set by the respective manufacturers of these brands.

DRIVUS benchmarks itself with leading workshops in South Africa and the world over.

The DRIVUS World certified technical team comprises of individuals who have worked on brands such as Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Mazda, Land Rover, Nissan, Chev, Kia and others. They were already experts before they joined DRIVUS world. This means you do not have to split your fleet according to manufacturer when going for repairs. You can take all your cars to their one-stop shop and enjoy discounts from the economies of scale they enjoy.

If you own any of these brands, there’s no better place than DRIVUS world for your vehicle. They will give your car a thorough check up and commence a routine maintenance or repairs programme for your vehicle. Their workshop is equipped to international standards with original equipment manufacturer tools of the trade. It compares with most the world over.

Their trained Service Advisors and technicians have unrivalled experience, knowledge, and skills on the brands they work on. What’s more, all Approved Service Centres use state-of-the-art equipment in up-to-date workshop environments. On top of the assurance that only qualified technicians will be entrusted to work on your car, there are extra benefits to using DRIVUS world. It has become one of the busiest workshops in the automotive industry and they attract top skills in their workshops. Economies of scale are also on their side in terms of pricing of parts.

DRIVUS world believes in recruiting talented technicians who are passionate about the customer. They must always be prepared to upgrade their skills in an ever-changing world of technology. Most of all DRIVUS world believes in rewarding its technicians handsomely. A happy technician translates into happy customers. This is why our repeat business is high.

All services should be carried out according to the distance or time-based intervals that is prescribed by the manufacturer. If in doubt please visit DRIVUS world service centre and ask for a service advisor. These are experts when it comes to servicing your vehicle. They will give you valuable advice.

Most modern vehicles are now equipped with a service interval indicator on the dash that will notify you when it’s time for your scheduled maintenance. If you drive your vehicle more than the average person, or occasionally push it to extremes, the service indicator may appear sooner.
In order to make sure your ownership experience is as gratifying as possible; DRIVUS world uses Genuine Parts and Branded After- market parts as recommended by OEMs should the need for replacements arise. Each Genuine Part is designed, engineered and tested for optimum performance, safety, robustness and reliability according to respective vehicle manufacturer.

DRIVUS worlds’ professionally trained technicians have the skills to get your vehicle into top condition. Clients are now moving over to DRIVUS world because they properly diagnose and repair vehicles with a very low return rate, probably the best in the automotive industry. Clients spoken to by DRIVEtorque, praised DRIVUS world for their ability to diagnose a problem there and then and most of all the ability to fix the problem.

Mr Godwin Kwenda the Managing Director for DRIVUS world said vehicle owners should come to their workshop for all their repair and servicing needs. He urged people not to risk the performance and well-being of their vehicles by going to bush mechanics who do not have diagnostic equipment and requisite repair skills. “Our car repair experts will get your vehicle serviced as quickly as possible and most importantly in the correct manner that meets manufacturers’ standards. We will communicate with you at every stage of the repairs”, he concluded. Godwin is a well-respected technical person in the automotive industry having worked on leading brands and has trained and mentored leading mechanics in the country. He is also a well-known trouble shooter for vehicles that present challenges.

DRIVUSs World has a host of repair and recovery options for your vehicle, including a tow truck available for drivers anywhere in Zimbabwe. They are a fully mechanised workshop with a fully-functional recovery service. They can pick up your car for repairs and return it wherever you are in Zimbabwe.

To schedule your next service appointment please come to DRIVUS world workshop at 124 Simon Mazorodze Road, Harare. Or you can call on 0242 621723/739 07788144072

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