Mitsubishi Motors South Africa flaunts new dealer visibility


Mitsubishi Motors South Africa flaunts new dealer visibility

  • New corporate and visual identity for all dealerships
  • Realigning the brand’s heritage, reputation, and future
  • New look communicates MMSA presence with visibility, distinctiveness, authenticity, transparency, and consistency

Mitsubishi Motors has embarked on a major renewal of its corporate identity visible via its national – and international – dealerships in South Africa as well as MMSA’s partners in neighbouring and other countries in Southern Africa.

To date two dealerships – both in Gauteng – have embraced the new look while the balance of MMSA’s Dealerships and service centres all over Southern Africa are in the process of upgrading their corporate look.

“Our new corporate and visual identity communicate our vision, purpose, values, cultures and behaviour by using images, styles, colours and themes that represent the brand,” says Nic Campbell, General Manager of Mitsubishi Motors South Africa.

“Creating a successful and appealing brand requires proper strategy, positioning, marketing, and messaging to appeal to a company’s target market,” says Campbell. “Ultimately a brand, especially Mitsubishi Motors South Africa, is formed by the customers and based on the behaviour, ethics, and values of the company as well.”

One of the attributes that makes Mitsubishi Motors unique, includes its history of adventurous SUVs and cross-over vehicles, including the latest Eclipse Cross and forthcoming Xpander Cross. “We are different from our competitors – our SUV heritage, our products’ Japanese craftmanship and just our ‘Mitsubishi’-ness make us stand above the rest,” says Campbell.

The Mitsubishi Motor Corporation embodies over 150 years of tradition, has earned the trust and confidence of people worldwide and is a “symbol of quality and reliability” in the products and services it provides, says Campbell.

MMSA prides itself on this as well as products that are sustainable and aligned with the company’s future brand strategy. “We cater for the customer who has an ambition to explore and is adventurous and progressive.”

George Azzie, Dealer Principal of Mitsubishi Motors Bedfordview, who completed their new dealership branding transition in March, says the new visual identity “delivers functional and emotional benefits” perceived as valuable by our target audience.

“These are our customers in the area. Punctual benefits of our new look reiterate that of our product range – performance, reliability, spacious and robust, offering outstanding safety and protection,” says Azzie.

“And, just like our products, Mitsubishi Motors Bedfordview offers emotional benefits – we are as sporty, fun and powerful as our products.”

Mitsubishi Centurion was the first dealership to showcase this new look. “We are immensely proud to be the first Mitsubishi dealership with the new look and identity,” says Otto Lambrechts, General Manager for Mitsubishi Motors Centurion, part of the Motus Group. “Even from the outside it is hard to miss the new signage – not only because of our location, but also the new signage and colour scheme.

“It creates a sense of calmness and professionalism, and immediately makes new and existing customers feel welcome. The new style also hints at clean and renewable energy, particularly important with the future of motoring heading in that direction,” says Lambrects.



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