BYD E6 : A glimpse into the future

BYD E6 : A glimpse into the future

BYD (Build Your Dreams) is the largest Electronic vehicle manufacturer in the world. An impressive feat especially considering that the company was only established in 1995 and only started manufacturing electric vehicles in 2003. BYD Zimbabwe, a subsidiary of the Chinese manufacturer has a new offering, the BYD E6 a five passenger electric crossover which offers the driver, a glimpse into the future where petrol cars are a thing of the past.

From the outside, the E6 has the looks of a hatchback but once you are in the driver’s seat it certainly towers over the sedans and other crossovers. For perspective,  it sits slightly lower than the Landrover  Freelander.The body style is simply neat and concise. For an electric car, it might seem a tad vanilla but in this case its simplicity is definitely its strength.  It has average dimensions (4560/1822/1630 mm) and an extended wheelbase of 2830 mm and weight of 2670 kg, which makes it quite comfortable for moving 5 people and a load of up to 385 litres for both short and long distances.

The front and rear of the Byd E6 has an independent Wishbone suspension with double wishbones and 17-inch wheels.  The coolest component of the exterior is definitely the radiator grille in the form of a trapezoid with a model emblem and LED headlights and lights on the sides.

 Inside the cabin there are wide adjustable leather seats with headrests and armrests (the driver and passenger next to the driver), cup holders, a cd player with Infinity speakers around the perimeter, a vehicle state control center touchscreen, buttons for activating security systems, climate control and multimedia. There is no outside noise from the car once you close the doors. It delivers its power quietly.

Under the hood of this crossover is a synchronous motor of the magneto-electric type with a capacity of 268 hp and  a torque of 406 Nm, which is powered by its own iron-phosphate battery with an energy consumption of 21.5 kW per 100 km with a total power reserve of up to 300 km in the urban terrain. Electric cars can accelerate from 0 to 100 km in 8 seconds, and the maximum acceleration possible goes up to 140 km / h.

It is possible to charge an electric car at home from a standard 220 V or 10 kW network in 6 hours, but at fast stations with an alternating current of 100 kW – in 15-40 minutes by 80%. The car is also charged by regenerative braking.

The BYD E6 is available from BYD Zimbabwe. EVs cost less to maintain for obvious reasons and are ideal for company fleets. The price range of the BYD range is also an encouraging factor. BYD can help  you build your EV fleet today.

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