GWM takes aim at Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux

GWM takes aim at Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux

China’s largest SUV and pick-up manufacturer Great Wall Motors (GWM) has introduced three new pickup trucks as part of their new P series.

The new P Series Pickups coming with a new logo is symbolically represented by the letter “P” which represents POWER, PEAK and PERFECT.

This P Series label represents the elites that desire for freedom and those that are stimulated by challenge and also pursue perfection when it comes to unique features that are currently trending in the sector.

This introduction highlights a new age of Chinese passenger pickups which further promotes the company’s globalization strategy.

Great Wall’s new P Series Pickup will be completely user-centred with the aim of accommodating everyone as well as every situation with their “super product” offering that include superior levels of service and an excellent customer experience accompanied by Great Wall’s new P Series Pickup Alliance program.

Their new P Series Pickups which include the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux and Isuzu aim for the world’s top three in this segment and Great Wall Motors’ ambition is to thus become a leader in the pickup segment.

The model is equipped with the ZF 8AT gearbox and multi-link rear suspension and it is fitted with ACC adaptive cruise control, automatic parking, steering wheel heating and voice remote control.

Furthermore the inclusive design of the P-series passenger pickup is packed with strength as it also includes various enhanced configurations meant to create versatile family vehicles that combine luxury, off-road, and load ability.

It is also equipped with the 8AT+ 2 litre turbo engine, TOD intelligent four-wheel drive, high-strength armoured body, the latest generation of Bosch version 9.3 ESP, 360 View, Rear View Camera, Lane Departure Warnings and twelve intelligent forward view and all-round radars.

The off-road pickup is designed to be bold and strong therefore it comes with standard three front, and rear variance locks, a wading hose, winch, tank U-turn and many other professional off-road formations like the wading depth of 900 mm.

The debut became one of the fieriest models of this year’s auto show with the complete sedan comfort, off-road ability of an SUV, the recreational nature of station wagon and the loading competence of light trucks.

The Great Wall’s new P Series Pickup can be best described and used as four vehicles in one; offering personal comfort experienced in mind, vision and heart therefore any ardent  person ought to have the urge to own a new P Series Pickup  from GWM.

Moreover, yet another model that GWM has come up with is the P-series electric commercial pickup that has a cruising range of up to 500 km, enabling resourceful two hour charging.

This latest P Series Pickup, together with outdoor clubs, car modification suppliers, sports brands and NGO organizations together formed GWM’s new P Series Pickup Alliance aimed at building an open and shared pickup community as well as the sturdiest ecosphere of pickup culture with the users as its centre.

The opening and sharing of marketing promotion, peripheral products, and space and user layers will be achieved for members only while other groups will gather to endorse pickup culture and also make it even more prevalent.

This launch clearly indicates that the GWM pickup is quickening their globalization move of opening an era of passenger pickups as well as leading a unique Chinese pickup culture.

“It is just a matter of time before the P series is launched locally as there is amplified consumer demand for value for money pickup trucks that also offer sedan like accessories connected to luxury cars,” said the Zimoco Business Development Manager Manfred Chaniwa.

It is most likely that in about five years the Chinese will have overtaken at least the Ford Ranger and will also be chasing towards the Toyota Hilux sales and they are bound to overtake the Isuzu in a period under at least three years.

This is inevitable as the Chinese have the financial ability and they are most likely on a level ahead of information gathering and intelligence on automotive technology considering that they have certainly been poaching skill from Toyota, Ford, Mercedes Benz and BMW.

It is important to note that Zimoco is the official dealership for GMW.

 “This all new Pick up promises to embrace a new era, being the first global pickup offered by GWM. We expect it in Zimbabwe by mid-2021,” said Chaniwa.

He added that the P-Series will furthermore offer Zimbabweans more options as it is created to reshape the global pickup backdrop.


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