Is the Suzuki Baleno a good car?

The Suzuki Baleno has enjoyed great success locally since its launch in 2016. The model lineup was updated with a facelift and specification upgrade in 2019 which saw the GLX model fitted with additional airbags and a new infotainment system to complement the new looks.
The Baleno was selected as the model Toyota would use to relaunch the Starlet nameplate and both the Suzuki and Toyota offerings continue to be volume sellers. The Baleno is due for replacement in 2022.
Who is the Suzuki Baleno a good car for?
If you are looking for a B-segment compact hatchback with a respectable amount of luggage space, look no further than the Baleno. It offers you a big-car feel with commendable driving dynamics and creature comforts without breaking the bank.
Is the Suzuki Baleno a good first car?
While the Baleno offers excellent space for the money, first-time car owners need not worry about the size of the Suzuki. It remains compact in its packaging and easy to drive. The 4-speed automatic option is also available for those that still struggle with a manual gearbox. A reverse camera and Park Distance Control also help parking and manoeuvring.
Is the Suzuki Baleno a good family car?
The Baleno offers seating for 5 and has a complement of 6 airbags in GLX trim level. All models get ISOFIX mountings points in the outer rears. The boot measures in at 355-litres and is deep enough to take several suitcases and will easily house sporting equipment.
Is there a Hybrid Suzuki Baleno?
There is only a single power plant on offer in the Suzuki Baleno range, the 1.4-litre K14B that develops 68 kW and 130 Nm torque. It can do 0-100 km/h in 10.9-seconds in manual trim and will go on to a top speed of 175 km/h
What’s it like to drive?
Mature. Thats' probably the best way to describe how the Baleno drives. It's a C-segment offering at a B-segment price and it drives like the former as well. Solid controls with confidence-inspiring weighting and sure-footed handling prowess. The lightweight chassis responds well and the construction is devoid of rattles and squeaks. The Baleno punches well above its perceived weight-division and offers a sensible solution to motoring.
Reviewer's opinion.
As befits a car in this market segment, the Baleno is very easy to drive. The throttle mapping strikes a nice balance between response and smoothness, the clutch has a light action and smooth drive take-up, and the brakes are reasonably powerful yet progressive. The same applies to the steering, which is low on effort and linear in action, even though it is not very communicative in enthusiastic driving.
What is the Suzuki Baleno like inside?
The fluid design of the interior incorporates design elements seen on the exterior in the headlights and taillight, front grille and front bumper. This cohesive design has an uncluttered approach with the primary switchgear located in the centre and well within reach of the driver. The dark surfaces are only broken up by the blue accent cloth and silver trim pieces in the fascia and around the airvents.
The Baleno has short overhangs and supermini look to it. The rounded corners are offset by tasteful creases and pronounced wheel arches. The Baleno does not try to look overly sporty or racy and even in high-spec GLX trim is able to blend into traffic and not attract too much attention.
Tech features
7-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
6 airbags (GLX trim)
LED headlights (GLX trim)
Reverse Camera (GLX trim)
configurable driver info display