2022 Amarok out testing

Competitors at this year's Spirit of Amarok Media Challenge were in for a real treat under a veil of delicious secrecy as we were given an exclusive look at the upcoming 2022 Amarok. Official shots of the testing in Germany surfaced last month with the vehicle in heavy camouflage.
Despite being deeply masked, the new design language is unmistakable. The new 2022 Amarok will roll off the assembly line in Silverton as the result of a joint venture with Ford Motors and the influence is hard to ignore.
With many design elements still disguised it is hard to pinpoint where the Ranger stops and the Amarok begins as the new Volkswagen appears to take on many of the slab-sided cues of its now Ford brethren. One thing is for sure though, the new Amarok is going to be an absolute piece of work with an entirely new body design and interior.
We have been reassured by VW Commercial vehicles that the 2023 model is going to retain the essence of what makes the Amarok a premium vehicle while gaining all the new technology that Ford has crammed into their new Ranger but with an undeniable Volkswagen spin.
Another important point is that the joint venture is going to yield an expanded Amarok lineup with new engine and body style options that are sure to appeal to a larger audience than the current offerings.
Pre-production models are currently undergoing global testing and the local debut has been scheduled for mid to late November this year and we are very excited to see the new vehicle in the metal.