Tips For Choosing The Right Bulldozer

There are few machines more necessary or reliable on a heavy worksite than a bulldozer. These machines have come a long way since their inception back in the early 1900s. They now have a range of automated features, ergonomic designs, hydraulic systems and more! The one worry on most people’s minds when buying a bulldozer is the cost. There is more to these machines than that. Pay attention to the specs. You will end up with a piece of equipment you can count on for years to come.
At DRIVEtorque, we endeavor to connect our readers with the right equipment for their requirements. That is why we have compiled the following information to help you get the right bulldozer for your needs. If you need additional information or you want to check out some sturdy bulldozers for sale, call DRIVEtorque for advice. They will refer you to companies that are reliable and efficient and meet your equipment need!
To choose the right bulldozer, you should know what you want it to do. A small bulldozer will have 80 to 92 horsepower and an operating weight of up to 18,000 lbs. A medium one will give you up to 205 hp and 46,160 lbs of operating weight. With a large bulldozer you will get from 600 to 850 hp and around 230,000 lbs operating weight. How much space do you have on your work site for a bulldozer? Remember that a large machine will give more output but it is harder to transport and store.
Before you go looking at bulldozers for sale, take into account the type of terrain you shall be working on. Bulldozer undercarriages come in standard- and heavy-duty types. The first one is best for landscaping, construction and other such types of work. It will need improvement on oil-seals to increase their life. With a heavy-duty undercarriage, you get all that you get in a standard one along with additions like steel plating for maximum strength and idler rims. You can use these dozers on rougher terrain and even slopes.
Track or Wheels
Bulldozers come in crawler and wheeler types. Crawlers have tracks, which provide more traction and are popular in construction and agricultural sites. The tracks let it work on shifting and irregular terrain with greater ease. Another pro of the crawler type is a ripper attached to the rear end that makes it more suitable for demolition and earth removal. Wheeler dozers are often much larger in size, which means they work better in areas that are not costly grounds or paved. They have hydraulic steering which makes them useful in tight spaces where turning is difficult.
Newer bulldozers will give you greater cab enhancements that not only make the operator more comfortable but help increase productivity. You can get a cab with an isolation-mounted pressurized environment with heavy-duty air filters, which limits the noise, dust and vibrations of a site from affecting the operator. You should also focus on visibility when checking out a cab. A cab that has unobstructed visibility will increase safety and performance. Some newer models will give you seat bolsters that prevent jarring movements and keep the operator safer. If you are going to be working in extreme climates you might want to check out cabs with air conditioning and heaters.
One rather recent and helpful addition to bulldozers is a joystick control that lets you handle the steering, direction, speed and transmission. This electro-hydraulic joystick gives you more precision and maneuverability and simplifies navigation. It comes with a thumb roller for transmission and a thumb rocker that controls the blade and rear attachments. This also helps you conserve fuel as you can adjust the engine speed according to your needs.
If you are going to be buying a rugged machine like a bulldozer, it only makes sense to get some attachments that will let you utilize it to a greater degree. The first thing you have to ensure is that your bulldozer will be compatible with the attachments you will need. Talk to us at DRIVEtorque about what you want your bulldozer to tackle and we will recommend the right suppliers for you and help you find the ones that are compatible with your type of work.
We hope this information helps you towards choosing the right bulldozer for you!