Tino Kadewere’s half-a-million dollars fleet
GROWING up in Highfield, one of the oldest African residential town areas in Zimbabwean capital city of Harare, Tino Kadewere never stopped dreaming of a better life despite the daily challenges related with his deprived upbringing within an extended township family.
Perhaps dreaming has something to do with what we will call the “Highfield spirit”, a determination embedded in the rich history of this iconic place, nestled on what used to be vast farmland in the days of colonial rule.
Many years ago during white minority governance, when people of colour had not been permitted by the system to penetrate the luxurious low-density suburbs of the city, Highfield was home to the country’s most prominent blacks, the who’s who of the community: politicians, musicians, entrepreneurs, sports stars.
Lots of names of celebrated Zimbabweans with Highfield roots, or those that have resided there at some given time, come to mind: The country’s late state president Robert Mugabe, the late world-famous Zimbabwean music great Oliver Mtukudzi, the country’s first black cricket captain Tatenda Taibu, business moguls James Mushore and Nigel Chanakira to name but a few …
There are many more we could talk about. This history dates to many decades ago when the township was established and took in its first residents, many of whom were young professionals or ambitious entrepreneurs who were eager to earn respect for themselves and their community, in a country whose apartheid segregator policies classified all other races above the majority black citizens.
So the offspring of the earliest Highfield settlers also learnt to aspire for the finer things in life, as limited as opportunities were for black Zimbabweans in that era. They worked very hard.
Tino Kadewere was raised as such, given that his late father, Onias Kadewere, was also a popular footballer who had himself grown up on a strong diet of the Highfield way of life.
He passed on in 2004, leaving behind four sons, all brothers, all good sportsmen, and, interestingly, all car fanatics.
The best known of the four brothers is of course Tino, one of the discoveries of Zimbabwean football over the past 10 years.
Today, 26-year-old Tino is a rich footballer, earning thousands a week at French club giants FC Lyon following a move there in January 2020 worth over $2.5 million.
True to form, like most highly-paid sports stars, the penchant for cars has not escaped Kadewere.
The ever-smiling and affable forward has invested quite a fortune on his vehicles, which are some of the most eye-catching in the parking lot of Lyon’s training ground.
In 2020 after Zimbabwe clawed back from 2-0 down to Algeria to draw the all-important tie 2-2 in the successful bid to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations, Kadewere flew back to his base in France and spoiled himself in celebration.
He bought a brand new Range Rover SUV, which cost nearly $100 000. The former Harare City player posted a picture of himself with his lovely wife Sharon, showing off the all-aluminum unibody in the garage of their posh mansion.
It is said that Kadewere’s fleet of cars are worth over a whooping US$500 000! The Range Rover is his favourite car since he was a young boy.
Other cars that he owns include a BMW 318i as well as a VW Jetta.
Back home in Zimbabwe, Kadewere has transformed the lives of his family members. Everyone in the extended family enjoys the kind of luxurious lifestyles they never imagined, all this, thanks to the God-given talents of their son, brother and cousin.
Tino’s love for cars has seen him ship home quite a few immaculate vehicles, which his brothers and cousins drive around in and around Zimbabwe, or uses himself when he is on off-season break.
With a current market value of US$7.15 million, expect Kadewere to spoil himself with more cars.
The Warriors forward has recently been linked with a move from France to the English Premier League, the richest domestic competition in world football.
Premiership stars are well-known for their carefree spending on expensive cars, and that includes Kadewere’s fellow countryman and international teammate Marvelous Nakamba.
In a recent issue of this magazine, we featured Aston Villa midfielder Nakamba, whose most expensive vehicle is a $400 000 Lamborghini Aventador.
As for Kadewere, a move to the EPL will without doubt also increase his appetite for the best that money can buy.
So much for a life of opulence and comfort. From a Highfield in ghetto background, to a high field in lifestyle in the true sense of the word.