2022 Isuzu mu-X passes with flying colours
Unveiled end of last year by AUTOWOLD the official dealership of the Isuzu brand locally, the all-new second-generation mu-X seven-seater SUV is making waves. The new mu-X is a completely new vehicle from the ground up, being longer wider, and higher with a new chassis, bodywork, and an updated engine. Isuzu has also updated and upgraded the safety and technology inside the vehicle and has reworked the ride and drive for an advanced driving experience.
The new mu-X is the vanguard of Isuzu vehicle offerings with the D-Max double cab scheduled to arrive early next year. The new D-Max is based on the new mu-X and gave us a few insights into what we can expect next year and to say that it is exciting is an understatement.
The new vehicle has passed with flying colours, delivering an exceptionally comfortable yet very capable drive
New look, new tech
The new mu-X does not stray too far from the look and feel of the outgoing model but manages to come across as new and refreshed. New angular lines and design cues give the mu-X a bulkier aggressive look with angular design cues around the grille and headlights, redesigned bumpers give the impression of a wider stance while the addition of new various sized wheels per model completely changes the look and feel of the car. We drove the top-spec ONYX model on launch and this derivative was fitted with the 20' wheels which surprisingly enough did not overly compromise the ride quality.
The ONYX model also benefits from the new IDAS safety system which makes use of a forward-facing stereo camera setup that relays information to the numerous onboard safety systems such as Collision Mitigation, Lane Keeping Assist, Driver Attention Assist, and Autonomous Emergency Braking. The system is also incorporated into other driver assistance arrangements such as the Turn Assist, Pedal Misaaplication Mitigation, and Adaptive Cruise Control.
Safety is very high on the priority list for Isuzu and the mu-X has a 5-star ANCAP rating and is first in class with 8 airbags including the addition of a divider airbag that deploys from the driver's seat to separate the driver and passenger in the event of a side-on collision.
The interior is replete with fine leather on all the seats with piano black and chrome trims on the door cards and dashboard. Some of the interior plastics are a bit on the chintzy side but can be overlooked at the lower price point model, however, buyers of the ONYX model may take issue with the rough touch and feel.
Families will be very happy with the array of charging points and AC power outlets as well as the 311l (all rows up) of boot space. The total space with all the seats down expands to a massive 3568l, so even the largest and most active families can travel in style.

Exploration machine
Powered by an updated 4JJ3 3.0l 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine, the new mill delivers 140kW and 450Nm and is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. The power is available from as low as 1500rpm, making offroad driving a cinch. Power is delivered to the rear wheels but can be redirected to all four through the transfer case and the locking rear differential from the Drive selector switch on the centre console.
Amongst some of the new tech items is the Rough Terrain Mode which when engaged from a separate button on the console, further stabilizes the vehicle on uneven surfaces where one or two wheels opposite each other lose traction.
The suspension not only supported on-road dynamics but also soaked up the bumps and undulations of the numerous dirt tracks we traversed.
The reworked engine delivered the torque low down while climbing the passes and when faced with offroad obstacles it never felt over or underpowered. Isuzu claims combined cycle consumption figures of 7.6l/100km and our overall drive figures for the 2 days came back at 9.2l/100km.
Having driven the mu-X on different types of roads and terrains, it became very apparent that Isuzu has something of a winner on its hands. With a superb drive and dynamic handling on various surfaces, it is safe to say that the new mu-X is a worthy replacement and contender in this segment. Our only complaint towards the new mu-X would be our slight disappointment with the nature of the internal plastics but besidesthat the vehicle is simply fantastic and a superb drive!