New Citroen C3 Aircross is the ideal SUV for Urban and leisure activities
New Citroen C3 Aircross is the ideal SUV for Urban and leisure activities

Citroën is a popular brand in the noble sense of the word since 1919. Its main source of inspiration is
people and their lifestyles. This spirit is underlined by its “Inspired by You” signature and embodied by
cars boasting unique design and benchmark comfort. Citroën also stands out among mainstream car
manufacturers by bringing its customers a unique experience, for example Citroën Advisor and “La
Maison Citroën”. In 2020, Citroën sold 720,000 vehicles in more than 90 countries. There were plenty of
Citroen, Peugeot ,Renault cars in Zimbabwe in the 80s. The French brand seems disappeared from our
streets after independence. Can someone out there bring the brand back, please?
New Citroën C3 Aircross has gained in maturity. While losing none of its singularity, it has been
improved and upscaled and shows a more assertive personality with a new front-end expression, new
coloured inserts and greater travelling comfort.
An SUV with a more assertive personality: it retains the same body design, with its high-set attitude and
protective components, while gaining a fresh look with an entirely restyled front-end expressing more
status and strength.
A comfortable SUV for an active lifestyle: in addition to its benchmark modularity, spaciousness and light
bathed cabin.
An SUV that makes your life easier: New C3 Aircross simplifies daily life in complete safety and peace of
mind, with a 7" touchscreen, new storage spaces in a new central console, four connectivity
technologies and 11 driving aids.
“C3 Aircross still expresses all its modernity and originality with a true SUV attitude, an unmatched
roominess and modularity and technologies that make everyday life easier. We wanted to capitalise on
these strong points and bring it towards greater maturity in the expression of its design and more
comfort on board. The result is very perceptible! Its face changes radically with a much more angular
and assertive front-end. The new C3 Aircross ticks all the boxes of an SUV "by Citroën" and has all the
assets to continue its commercial success,” proudly proclaims Vincent Cobée, Chief Executive Officer,
Offering extensive versatility in use with its compact exterior and generous cabin space, it is an ideal
vehicle for motorists with active lifestyles looking for more comfort and modularity as well as precise
handling and agility for daily use. C3 Aircross SUV has been restyled with an even more distinctive
personality, with enhanced status and modernity, together with stronger cabin comfort, greater peace
of mind and extra versatility in use. The aim is to make each journey in the C3 Aircross SUV more
pleasant and enjoyable by filtering out all outside disturbances, cocoon-like. The standard-setting
comfort on board the C3 AIRCROSS SUV is demonstrated in:
While body styles are becoming increasingly low slung and similar to those of sedans, C3 Aircross has
gained a more assertive SUV design with a high-volume body conveying a spacious interior and a road-
dominating stance through raised ground clearance and large wheels. Its singularity has been enhanced
with lower-body and wheel-arch protections, front and rear skid plates, and roof bars with full and
generous forms. Today, New C3 Aircross has reached maturity. While keeping all of its originality and

mindset, its playful attitude has evolved and the model has been up-scaled and gained a more assertive,
mature and high-end personality commensurate with expectations in the segment.
New C3 Aircross features a more assertive design with an entirely redesigned front face enhancing the
model’s personality and status. Inspired by the CXPERIENCE concept car and first introduced on New C3
in 2020, it represents Citroën’s new signature in 2021, with an assertive, branded and unique identity.

The new front face immediately attracts the eye. The chrome-trimmed chevrons have been upgraded,
extending out towards the LED Daytime Running lights, in the spirit of New C3, but with a more
muscular approach. The LED fog lamps provide even more clarity and safety, lending motorists a sense
of protection. C3 Aircross also sports a new grille with a brand-new geometric pattern and a new silver-
grey skid plate with coloured inserts that enhance the model’s robustness.
The new front face has greater structure with the impression of a higher-set bonnet. It also has a more
contemporary feel, more expressive and robust.
With its firm stance and high-set, horizontal bonnet, together with its generous volumes and 360°
protections echoing the uninterrupted glazed area around the body, New C3 Aircross boasts assertive
looks that instantly set it apart in the B-SUV segment.
The customisation programme of New C3 Aircross has been upgraded to satisfy each customer looking
for a unique SUV in their image that is both distinctive and distinguished.
Outside, customisation has been upgraded with a variety of possible combinations through:
- 5 body colours, all of them new: Voltaic Blue and Polar White, Artense Grey, Platinum Grey and Pepper
- One Colour Pack, including a new colour playing on higher-end textured effects - white. The Colour
Pack comprises original and sharply designed coloured inserts on the extreme edges of the front skid
plate, on the door-mirror shells and on the quarter-light. This is home to a new side signature in which
the distinctive coloured louvres are supplemented by new cube-shaped graphics according to the Colour
- A choice of 2 roof colours: white or black.
C3 Aircross proposes new wheel rims with an even more graphic and dynamic design in 16", available in
diamond-cut or full-black versions, offering customers the choice of a more refined or more virile look.
New C3 Aircross keeps all of its class-leading modularity, spaciousness and light, for even more well-
being and versatility in use. With its compact body length of 4.14 m, for precise and agile handling, C3
Aircross constitutes a unique offering in its segment with unrivalled cabin space.

Boasting outstanding spaciousness, with exceptional rear leg room and head room for the segment,
New C3 Aircross offers unrivalled modularity with a rear bench sliding 150 mm in two independent parts
as well as a flat-folding front passenger seat providing a load length of 2.40 m for transporting
particularly long objects such as furniture kits and sports equipment in complete peace of mind. Boot
volume can be increased from 410 ℓ to 520 ℓ with the rear bench in its forward-most position and up to
1,289 ℓ with the rear bench folded down. Strong on everyday practicality, Citroën C3 Aircross SUV also
features a removable luggage shelf that can be stored in a vertical position behind the rear bench for
transporting tall objects. A further ingenious touch is the dual-height mobile boot floor which provides a
flat floor when the rear seats are folded down.

C3 Aircross is also even more functional thanks to a new, more meticulous central console featuring a
large storage space at the rear that can be accessed by front- and back-seat passengers and closed with
a sliding shutter. Storage spaces are laid out conveniently for all passengers, including a small tray in
front of the front passenger, cup holders built into the folding central backrest on the rear bench,
pockets on the back of the front seats, and numerous storage areas at the bottom of the central
New C3 Aircross is equipped with useful technologies for even more serenity and safety at the wheel. It
features a 7" touchscreen for greater user-friendliness, clarity and practicality. The high-quality screen
highlights Citroën Connect Nav and the Mirror Screen function compatible with Android Auto and Apple
CarPlay lets you take advantage of the multimedia content and apps of your smartphone in safety, by
duplicating them onto the 7-inch touch screen for easy use.
New C3 Aircross comes with 12 intuitive driving aids that simplify everyday life and make each journey
easier and safer. Safety technologies include a colour head-up display to keep useful information in the
driver’s line of vision, as well as speed sign recognition and recommendations, emergency brake assist,
automatic headlights and a Driver Attention Alert - keeping you safe on longer trips. C3 Aircross features
equipment that simplifies daily life, such as smart keyless entry and Park Assist.
Lastly, to fully underscore its SUV nature and effortlessly address most terrains, New C3 Aircross is
equipped with Hill Assist. Keeping you securely in control on steep slopes, hill start assist prevents
unwanted movement when the brake pedal is released on gradients of more than 3%. By holding the
vehicle for about 2 seconds, it gives you time to move from brake to accelerator calmly and smoothly.
The latest PureTech petrol engines available on the Citroën C3 Aircross SUV provides a responsive and
flexible drive. A 1.2 PureTech Turbo 81kW, that specialises in reducing fuel consumption and CO2
emissions further than ever before. The EAT6 automatic gearbox further enhances the performance and
driving experience, whilst optimising the gear changes and ratio to refine the consumption and CO2
Length: 4,142 mm
Width: 1,756 mm (including mirrors)

Height: 1,637 mm
Wheelbase: 2,604 mm
Boot volume: 410 l-520 ℓ, and up to 1,289 ℓ