More Cherys on the way
More Cherys on the way

The success of the Tiggo 4 Pro and the rapid growth in customer and dealer demand has prompted
Chery to expedite the launch of its flagship Tiggo 8 Pro range.
With this decision, Chery has committed itself to deliver the first Tiggo 8 Pro models to the Southern
African dealers within weeks. Chery dealerships keep expanding especially in South Africa.
“The success of the Chery Tiggo 4 Pro has surprised our dealer network, who reports increasing interest
and sales of all models in the range. We have also welcomed five more dealers in the short few months
since its introduction, which means that customers can now choose from one of dealers across Southern
Africa to test drive and purchase their new Chery,” says Tony Liu, Executive Deputy General Manager of
Chery South Africa.
Liu says that it has received the commitment of Chery’s global head office in China for additional
production of both the Tiggo 4 Pro and the new Tiggo 8 Pro, with the first Tiggo 8 Pro models already
tested and homologated for the Southern African market.
“We are extremely excited about the new Tiggo 8 Pro. While the Tiggo 4 Pro and our 1-million-kilometre
mechanical warranty has done a lot to demonstrate the quality and technology available in Chery
vehicles, the Tiggo 8 Pro will simply blow people away,” declares Liu.
Two models of the Tiggo 8 Pro will be available at launch. Both will be fitted with Chery’s award-winning
1.6 TGDI petrol-engine, which used advanced thermal management, adaptive turbo charging and direct
injection to deliver 136 kW and a strong 290 Nm of torque.
The two models will also offer industry-leading levels of luxury and technology, a hallmark of all Chery
products. This includes features such as Around View Monitor, an 8-speaker SONY sound system, two
high definition TFT displays (with a third in the flagship model) and dual-zone climate control with
pharmaceutical grade N95 air filtration.
All models will further offer 7 seats as standard, setting another benchmark it its class.
The Tiggo 8 Pro is perhaps Chery’s most awarded vehicle to date. It has won numerous awards in China
and elsewhere, including the China Annual Innovation Award in 2020, the National Car of the Year in
2020 (with a voting margin of more than 1 million votes). It was also voted the Most High-Tech SUV in
the Russian 2021 SUV of the Year Awards, where Chery has grown rapidly to become a Top 10 best-
selling brand.
Chery has also won the China Heart Award for domestically developed and manufactured engines for its
1.6 TGDI-engine in 2019, with high praise for the engine’s thermal efficiency, performance and low fuel
In Zimbabwe Chery is represented by Quest Motors. Wheels on the road for the brand have been few as
the market seems to have not really warmed up to the brand. DRIVEtorque however feels with proper
marketing and brand exposure the public will warm up to the make, as Chery has made great
improvements since its inception. It is becoming competitive like other leading Chinese vehicle brands
More detail on the model range and launch date will be announced soon. DRIVEtorque will keep you