Alfa Romeo Stelvio Q4 engineered to excite
Giulia was created with a no-compromise approach. All of Giulia’s features, from its design to its mechanics, live in perfect harmony with each other. State-of-the-art safety technologies and unprecedented technical solutions put Alfa Romeo Stelvio Q4 at the top of its category.
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Global SUV sales have proven very resilient throughout the pandemic. SUVs market has witnessed considerable growth in many countries. SUV is a vehicle which is capable of driving on on-road as well as off-road terrains as it is usually equipped with a four-wheel or all-wheel drive and is built on a light truck chassis. Now the talk of the town is Alfa Stelvio: one of the best-looking examples of the breed.
Elegant design
There is no doubt that Stelvio is a seriously good-looking car. However, it still pays lip service to traditional SUV styling. It is obviously related to the lowered Giulia sedan, but it has clearly been stretched upwards: the grille and fenders are higher, the headlights are higher and the sides are also significantly deeper.
Even with all of that, Alfa Romeo Stelvio Q4 still manages to look better than most of its competitors. The body is as curvaceous as you would expect from a purebred Italian pedigree, even at its larger size. In fact, its configuration is closer to the hatchback interpretation of the Giulia style theme than any other pseudo 4x4 model, with the possible exception of the Porsche Macan. There is also no large rear overhang to make room for a third row of seats and the shoulder lines are slightly curved to mask most of its visual mass.
That said, that it is not a very transferable look for photos, as it struggles to show off the subtle curves of the surface treatment. Especially in dark colors, the wrinkles on the hood and its side edges somewhat disappear: majesty and sultry in the metal, it looks flat and wondrous in the photos. If your Instagram may not survive without lots of Alfa photos, then it is best to consider a lighter color. Metallic white or red works much better.
It is very lovely on the inside.
That attractive body hides some spectacular greasy bits, just as a dark color hides the Stelvio's pretty style. Built on the same "Giorgio" basis as the Giulia, the Stelvio prioritizes the same qualities as its sedan sibling: driving pleasure is paramount, with comfort and utility almost equally important.
The Giorgio platform is a remarkable achievement, as it was built from the ground up in just over two years. It is also not a half-baked attempt, as the Ferrari engineers who worked on it made sure that it is every bit as capable as its specifications suggest. There is the ideal 50/50 weight distribution you would expect in a sports car, as well as excellent independent suspension all around and possibly the greatest steering system this type of vehicle has ever seen. All of these features combine to make the Stelvio an exceptional driving machine.
It is all about the spirit.
Without resorting to the usual clichés that accompany any Alfa Romeo review, it must be mentioned that driving the Stelvio is unlike driving any other SUV. The extremely sharp steering is the first thing any careful driver will notice - this is not a car you drive with your arms, but rather with your wrists.
After years of being reassured by smooth-running but slow-steering cars, the Alfa's system is initially rather a bit of a shock. It reacts so quickly, the Stelvio feels quite jumpy at first, darting from side to side in response to the slightest steering movement. However, once you have recalibrated your brain to allow for those instantaneous responses, you shall find that the Stelvio really is super stable, even with those sharp responses.
Also the chassis tuning is also abnormal, since it is set up to feel like a sports car. Taking after that quick turn-in, the chassis adjustment is superbly impartial, standing up to both beneath- and oversteer all the way up to its exceptionally tall limits. In reality, you will have to be seen at something like a Jaguar F-Pace or Porsche Macan to discover as dexterous an SUV, and indeed in such lifted up company, the Stelvio can hold its head tall. And, even with that astonishingly lively mien, the ride quality is additionally eminently comfortable – especially on the standard 18-inch tires fitted to the car we saw within the showroom. Rather like the Giulia, it oversees to mix shocking chassis flow, unsurprising reactions, extreme nimbleness and a cosseting ride into a bundle which is right at the head of its course.
The engine is fantastic.
This dynamic prowess would all have come to naught, if the Stelvio did not have a powertrain to be healthy. Fortuitously, the engine and transmission additionally hold up their ends of the good buy. There is a turbo-charged 2.0-litre petrol engine beneath the bonnet, sending its strength into the full-time all-wheel pressure system thru a very slick ZF eight-pace computerized gearbox. No manual transmission is on offer, but with an automated this exact, that is not genuinely a drawback at all.
With 206 kW and 400 Nm available from just a faucet of your right foot, performance is sort of brisk for an outsized vehicle with such little engine. Following a small little bit of take-off lag, the Stelvio picks up its skirts to sprint past the 100 km/h marker in just 5.7 seconds, thanks to its top speed of 230 km/h. In-gear acceleration is equally quite impressive, with the gearbox keeping the engine operating within the fattest wedge of the facility band.
With an official average of 7.0 l/100 km, which we never came close to matching, fuel efficiency is about average for this class.
The importance of practicality is highlighted.
Any SUV worthy of its salt should have a generous cabin and generous cargo space, and on that front, the Stelvio offers comfort as well. Clever packaging (like a slim but perfectly shaped backseat) frees up enough space to hold 5 full-size Zimboz, with plenty of legroom and headroom. The Stelvio's tapered greenhouse has a slight impact on shoulder space for rear passengers, but this is only really noticeable due to its generous dimensions in all other respects.
On the other hand, the baggage compartment is extremely spacious, with a minimum capacity of 525 litres and a maximum capacity of 1600 litres when the 40/20/40 split rear seats are folded down. The Stelvio's large footprint helps here, because the load bay, while not very broad, stretches pretty far forward and is quite deep due to the car's height. The only minor drawback is the high loading height, which may easily result in scratches on the rear bumper owing to careless baggage handling, but at least the tailgate displays a huge loading aperture.
Fittings and finish
The plastics are now typically of decent quality, and everything appeared to be well assembled. The Stelvio First Edition includes 20-inch alloy wheels, full grain leather upholstery, a 10-speaker sound system, active cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and an electric sunroof in addition to the Super's standard equipment. An optional 14-speaker Harmon Kardon sound system is available.
This car just has a centrally-mounted (and wonderfully integrated) color display for things like the rear camera, entertainment, and navigation capabilities. It includes automatic headlights and wipers, and dual-zone climate control with rear seat outlets. Adaptive cruise control, a panoramic sunroof, and keyless entry are all available as options.
You can have a lovely hot Italian blonde(intelligent too) for US$110000. She has the following characteristics:

Engine: 2.0 Petrol
Power Max: 206 Kw
Power Max rpm: 5250 r/min
Torque Max: 400 Nm
Torque Max rpm: 2250 r/min
Engine Size: 2.0 l
Cylinders: 4
Turbocharger: yes
Fuel Type: Petrol
Engine Position / Location: Front
Transmission type: Automatic
Gear ratios quantity: 8
0-100Kph: 5.7 s
Top speed: 230 Km/h
Doors: 5
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel Consumption (Average): 7.0l/100km Electric windows Front + Rear
Power steering: yes
Central locking: yes
Keyless: yes
Cruise control Std (opt Adaptive)
Air conditioning: yes
Climate control: yes
Bluetooth connectivity: yes
USB port: 2 Front + 2 Rear
Auxiliary input: yes
Navigation: yes
Sunroof : yes
Xenon headlights: yes
Adaptive headlights (varying light distribution): yes
High beam assist: yes
Daytime driving running lights: LED
Auto on/off lights: yes
Front fog lights: yes
Rear fog lights: yes
High level brake light: yes
Rain sensor wipers: yes
Electric folding mirrors: Auto
On board trip computer : yes
Multi function steering wheel controls: yes
Keyless access: yes
Alloy wheel: yes
All tyres: 255/45 R20
Park distance control rear: yes
Park distance control front: yes
Camera for park distance control: Rear
Airbags: 6
ABS: yes
EBD: yes
Brake assist; yes
Traction control: yes
Stability control: yes

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