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Have you heard? A new “child” has been born to the Road Angels family. Yes. For real!  Zimbabwe’s leading emergency Roadside Assistance company has added a Luxury Car Carrier to its fleet of rescue and transportation vehicles. Since 2010, Road Angels has been servicing the Zimbabwean and Southern African motoring public with their Open Car transportation fleet. The addition of the Luxury Car Carrier has enhanced the bouquet of products and services offered by Road Angels as it can now offer Professional Closed Car Transportation to all its existing and potential customers.

Road Angels has continuously set the pace in the Roadside Assistance sector.  The introduction of the Closed Transportation Luxury Carrier to its fleet, therefore, comes as no surprise. Road Angel’s Business Development Angel, Sasha Chikwanda stated that a number of requests had come from their clients clamouring for an ultimate transportation solution which would offer protection and security for their valuable asset. Sasha acknowledged that the feedback which they received from their clients highlight that their vehicle are precious asset which need the outmost protection during transportation. As usual, Road Angels showed that it is a listening organisation that responds well to the clients’ needs. Commenting on the attributes of the Luxury Car Carrier which answers their valued customers’ requests, Sasha said, “We are extremely excited about the addition of the Luxury Carrier to our fleet as it ensures that the deserving client’s vehicle is not exposed to rock chips, debris or extreme weather elements during transportation. That is why we have now adopted the saying- ‘your car is as snug as a bug’ as the car does not get damaged in any way.’’

In this era of social media, there are cases where car owners wish to transport their vehicles away from the spying, prying eyes of the public. The Luxury Carrier also offers the car owner privacy as their car is being transported. Sasha stated, ‘’We have had instances where a customer wants a personal vehicle transported into Zimbabwe or within the Southern African region. They do not necessarily want the whole world to know their private business. Therefore, the Luxury Carrier has offered a secure solution for this.” Road Angels Rescuers will discreetly collect the vehicle and deliver it to the given address. Privacy is protected. The asset is delivered safe, intact, undetected.

Focusing on transportation charges, Sasha said, ‘’The charges for the Luxury Carrier are in conjunction with this classy service. They are higher than the open car transport due to the fact that the car is enclosed. It is not exposed to the weather elements or fall out debris.  Due to the high value nature of the cars being transported, the insurance cover on the transported cars is also equivalently higher. Clients now have a choice on the type of transportation they select for their vehicles and which option best suits their budget. Road Angels customers can still expect the same world class services when their cars are transported. The difference here being the type of Rescue vehicle and the extra protection offered by the Luxury Carrier.

Road Angels has 10  to date, branches across Zimbabwe. The 11th branch set to be opened next month as a fitting celebration of its 11 years of existence. It offers Roadside Assistance services which includes car towing, flat tyre changing, retrieval of car keys locked in the vehicle, jumpstarting of flat batteries among the services.

The Heavy Rescue division is quite active, recovering heavy vehicles of up to 30 tonnes. Consequently, Road Angels can move all types of earthmoving, mining, construction and farming equipment safely and with ease.

In the event of an accident, Road Angels can assist with accident management services. This is one of their key selling points. This includes dealing with the Police and Vehicle Inspection Depot (VID), calling an ambulance, putting the car owner of the accident damaged vehicle in contact with panel beaters, garages and making mechanical reports and vehicle valuation. Car storage can be up to 30 days for selected clients and Road Angels members.

Road Angels will continue introducing advanced product offerings to the market. They shall ensure that they will offer optimum service delivery on time, without wastage and with enthusiasm to clients within the whole Southern African region. The company can only say, watch this space for more ground-breaking Roadside Assistance products and services.

Contact the Road Angels marketing team on 0772122122 for more information.

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