GWM’s Steed 5 is a steed indeed

TAKE a moment to picture a steed in your mind. Yes, a steed, that absolute brute of a horse used to carry heavy loads.

It’s a massive creature, and incredibly quick for a mammal of its great size.

In middle-ages, a steed was an asset of great value in households.

Just like the horse of the same name, the GWM Steed is large, powerful and fast. The similarities do not end there: this vehicle is cheaper to maintain, compared to competition, yet it produces massive loads of work.

Selling 40 000 units per month in China, the Steed is the best-selling truck brand over the past two decades in the populous Asian country.

Great Wall Motors has spread its global footprint across the planet.

Closer to home, across the border in South Africa, the Steed is purchased to the tune of 700 units per month, having only ventured into the country a decade ago.

DRIVEtorque tested the 2,0- litre turbocharged diesel 4×2, which produces 78kW at 4 000 rpm with a torque of 225Nm at 1 400 rpm to 2 800 rpm.

It may not be the fastest bakkie on the road, but its torque makes it more than capable of pulling heavy loads with ease.

At face value, the Steed 5 may not seem as impressive as some of its rivals. However, once you get behind the wheel, it’s a different story.

The quality of the interior is equal to, if not slightly better than, that of other similarly priced bakkies. The cabin has few frills, but it’s spacious, and the controls are well laid out and simple to use.

The seats are comfortable, even taller drivers will find an ideal driving position. Interior features include electric windows with one-touch opening on the driver’s side, air-conditioning, a radio with USB port, and power-assisted steering. There are no airbags or ABS/EBD, however.

Driving impression

The 235/70/R16 tyres are large enough to contend with most potholes without fuss.

With a 3 050mm wheelbase, a large, double-insulated load bin (5 015mm x 1 800mm x 1 735mm) and a 1t carrying capacity, the bakkie offers ample space for big loads, especially when combined with the torque.

Like many a workhorse, the Steed 5 is equipped with leaf springs in the rear, giving the unladen bakkie a bumpy ride. But the bucket seats help to smooth out this vibration, and the interior is relatively quiet, with minimal wind noise entering the cabin.

Even at faster speeds, the Steed 5 felt stable on dirt roads.

Value for money

At a highly competitive price, the Steed 5 single cab should draw the attention of any farmer, miner, industrialist or business person in the market for a new bakkie. In short, this vehicle is a good option if you’re on a tight budget and need a reliable, hard-working vehicle.

With a mix of toughness, reliability and value for money, the GWM Steed 5 single cab truck comes with a five-year-100 000km warranty. The Steed 5 is the least expensive 1-ton pick up on the market!

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Steed 5 Single Cab 2,0-Litre WGT 4X2

Engine: 2,0-litre turbo diesel

Power: 78kW at 4 000 rpm

Transmission: five-speed manual

Estimated Fuel economy: 8,1ℓ/100km

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