Buying a Car from BE FORWARD whilst in Zimbabwe

Buying a Car from BE FORWARD whilst in Zimbabwe

BE FORWARD is represented in Zimbabwe by Southern Business Services (SBS) who are located at Number 2 Sandringham Drive, Alexandra Park, Harare.

They have an office in the CBD which is located at Shop number 106, 1st Floor Joina City, Corner Jason Moyo and Julius Nyerere , Harare.

Call them on +263 242 250730-3 Email:

It can be mind blowing when you have found a car of your dreams but unfortunately it is on the other side of the oceans. Sense will tell you not to buy it until you have driven it. It must be inspected first. Are you sure you are paying for an apple and that you will not get a lemon? With BE FORWARD you can have peace of mind because what you order and pay for is what you get.

These days, many people are perfectly happy with the cars that they have purchased virtually sight unseen. The key is to use an array of Internet tools for buying, inspecting and shipping services.  This way, you can shop from a much larger pool of vehicles and can often find a better bargain. In Zimbabwe, BE FORWARD is represented by Southern Business Services (SBS). They have the BE FORWARD franchise. They have been in the freight, logistics, customs and clearing business for over 20 years. The major advantage of dealing with SBS is that they offer a one stop shop coupled with experience, reliability, flexibility and trustworthiness.

When buying a car online, read the advert carefully. Information is your friend when it comes to used car purchases. The more of it the seller provides, the better. First, check that the vehicle’s age, mileage, number of owners, engine size, and specification are included and meet your requirements.

This is why its safe to buy from BE FORWARD

BE FORWARD provides trustworthy, dependable and reasonably priced used cars that will not disappoint.

You have thousands of cars to choose from. You can receive professional help from SBS’s BE FORWARD branch in Joina City before you make your purchasing decision.

The process is as easy as ABC. BE FORWARD offers an easy-to-use stock search system that is very well-designed and includes year of manufacture, engine capacity, mileage, price, and location as well as discount, per particular make and model. One can also filter without the make but just on price and discount if price is the deciding factor.

Buying used vehicles from BE FORWARD is very opportune, as it allows you to view many vehicles in the comfort of your home.

You have access to many brands at the click of your mouse. This is particularly handy if you are irresolute about the particular brand you want.

Buying from BE FORWARD is cheaper than from local car sales dotted at almost every corner of Harare. BE FORWARD cars are pre-inspected and affordable. They have low genuine mileage as cars overseas do not travel a lot, neither are they punished by potholes, like local ones.

The car you choose may seem to be of miles away almost like another planet, but pictures on BE FORWARD are many and genuine. A picture is a thousand words. They show every angle including the suspension at times. They do not hide dents if there are any. This gives you a wide-ranging look at the vehicle you are targeting.

Once you place your order and you get the invoice, you must pay within 48 hours. Payments can be made through the local BE FORWARD office at Joina City office, online using PayPal, or through your bank if it can process telegraphic transfers on your behalf. Timeline for funds reflecting in Japan depend on the mode of payment but are usually between 2 and 5 working days.

Once they have ascertained your payment, their shipping department will advise you on the shipping schedule. The earlier you make payment, the earlier you will receive the shipping dates.

BE FORWARD remains the worlds trusted and most reputable exporter of vehicles. Radiation checks and mechanical checks are a must with BE FORWARD before they upload a car on their website. They advertise the car for truthfulness. It is done for your peace of mind. They have a good name to protect.

You can insure your car all the way from Japan as well for your peace of mind. This will eradicate any anxieties that may come along with purchasing a vehicle from abroad and having it shipped.

If you so desire, you can get the vehicle delivered to your door step by SBS’s BE FORWARD

What are you waiting for? Contact them today! They will be with you and hold your hand, from the moment you choose your car to the day that it is delivered.

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