How to buy your car from BE FORWARD

How to buy your car from BE FORWARD

Southern Business Services (SBS) is Zimbabwe’s BE FORWARD partner. They will assist you by helping you choose a car that suits your pocket. They will see to it that the car is delivered to your door or place of choice anywhere in the world. Here are some simple steps that will assist you

  1. Have a budget

Before you go on the BE FORWARD website, there are some decisions you need to take care of. First on that list is setting a budget. Without knowing how much you can spend, it’s hard to know what vehicle you can afford. Their trained staff can help you narrow down the price of vehicles you should consider, while guiding you on how much you should spend on a particular car of your choice. You also need to consider all of the other costs of putting a car or truck on the road, including fuel, insurance, maintenance, and parking when choosing car.

  1. Find the Right Model

Some buyers know exactly what car they want, right down to the color and trim, before they even think about starting to shop. Others have no idea what they want and need some guidance to find a vehicle that fits their needs and budget. At SBS we will assist you all the way.

It is always advisable to try out the car from a car sale or dealership so that you get a feel of the model you want before you buy it online. Sit in the driver’s seat of cars on your short list and check out their comfort and visibility. Request a test drive if you want to get a feel for the vehicle. However, you’ll want to resist the urge to start talking about making a deal as you mut not lose focus of buying online where it’s cheaper.

  1. Choose BE FORWARD Always

When you go online and search on the BE FORWARD website, you will discover that you are spoilt for choice. You wouldn’t want to get cheated by a dodgy business and end up losing your hard-earned money. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to receive a vehicle with quality that’s less than what’s advertised. So, here are the tips in choosing a reliable BE FORWARD car:

  1. Check for Car Deals

Not all vehicles are home runs in the automotive marketplace. If sales aren’t meeting an automaker’s expectations, or the vehicle is reaching the end of its product cycle, there may be a money-saving incentive available to boost sales. Always be on the lookout for promotions by BE FORWARD

  1. Search the Inventory at Multiple Dealers

BE FORWARD has so much inventory. Make sure you have exhausted it. Do not make hasty decisions.

  1. Chat Online with Internet Sales Managers

The next step in an online vehicle purchase is to email or chat with a BE FORWQARD sales person. They have experienced sales people. Customers buying online tend to be more knowledgeable and savvier than those walking through the front door so they will be ready to answer all your questions.

Since you want to keep the deal focused on the price of the car, keeping other components out of the initial conversations is a good idea.

  1. Eliminate Stressful Face-to-Face Negotiations

One of the greatest benefits of buying a car from BE FORWARD is you can eliminate the adversarial face-to-face negotiation process that terrifies many car buyers. Though successfully negotiating a price can save buyers a tremendous amount of money, the idea of face-to-face negotiation turns many people off. Buying online doesn’t automatically make it a no-haggle deal, but it can reduce the stress of being seated across a desk from one another.

Of course, the negotiation process will still happen, but it will occur through email and you’ll have a written copy of everything that was offered, plus time to fully evaluate any offers before you respond. You’re not limited to business hours, and there’s no pressure to get the deal done so you can get home more quickly. When you do start to negotiate, it’s important to remember that a buyer can’t suggest a lower price after their first offer, and a seller can’t propose a higher price after their opening offer.

One great benefit of negotiating online is that most emotions are taken out of the deal. It can be easy to forget that car buying is just a business transaction.

  1. Pay for your Used Car from Japan

Once the invoice is sent to you, it is advisable to settle the full payment within 48 hours. Typically, payment invoices are sent no later than two business days. Otherwise, your transaction should be cancelled automatically. Once you’ve completed processing the payment, you must send a copy of the T.T receipt either by fax or email. This is the faster way to process your purchase. SBS can do all this for you

Once we’ve confirmed your payment, we will reserve the shipping services. It is worth noting that the earlier you settle the payment, the earlier your car will be shipped. So, if you want faster transactions, it is advisable to complete the payment procedure early.

  1. Shipment and Pickup

Once the payment has been confirmed, the vehicle will be loaded on the ship. You will also be notified regarding the ship’s departure and arrival time. Here are the details you should receive:

  • Name of the ship/vessel
  • Departure date
  • Port in Japan
  • Expected arrival date

All the necessary documents will also be sent to your address.

When you are searching for a reputable BE FORWARD partner, look no further than the seasoned specialists at SBS. They always uphold transparency, professionalism, and credibility whenever they deal with prospective clients. They make sure that they never leave any detail out. So, you know exactly what you’ll get before you make a purchase.

8) Get the Car Delivered

Always track the where abouts of your car online. SBS will hold your hand throughout the process until you get your car. They have assisted thousands of clients over the years


Southern Business Services is located at Number 2 Sandringham Drive, Alexandra Park – Harare.BE FORWARD is located at Shop number 106, 1st Floor Joina City, Corner Jason Moyo and Julius Nyerere – Harare.

Call them on +263 242 250730-3 Email:


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