Southern Business Service (SBS) your logistics partner

Southern Business Service (SBS) your logistics partner

    DRIVEtorque held a question and answer session with Mr. David Tigere, the Managing Director of SBS. SBS is responsible for shipping and clearing of most cars on our roads, especially the brand-new ones

  1. How experienced in SBS?

 Southern Business Service has 29 years’ experience in Customs

Clearing, Freight and Forwarding. Having started as a small business operation, the company’s outstanding work ethic, uncompromising attention to detail and a consistent commitment to delighting our customers’ saw the company grow from strength to strength. The company is a member of various professional associations including the Shipping and Forwarding Agents Association of Zimbabwe (SFAAZ) and is fully ZIMRA compliant with full guarantees of bonds from all ports in the country. We jealously safeguard the reputations and integrity of our many clients and have implemented disaster proof systems that guarantee you peace of mind while offering security for your goods

 How extensive is your network?

 Our network covers from Beira to DRC. With offices at every port of entry in Zimbabwe (Forbes, Beitbridge, Plumtree, Chirundu and Vic Falls), at Harare Airport and container depots in Harare, i.e. Manica and Bak Storage. This gives the company unmatched versatility, capacity and efficiency.


  1. What services do you offer?


Our operations department is staffed with trained quality personnel equipped to deal with all your clearing issues. We boast of 29 years of experience and areas covered include:

(a) Removal In Bond (R.I.B) Clearances (IM7)

(b) Ware housing entries (IM7)

(c) Consumption entries (IM4)

(d) Export entries

(e) Removal In Transit (IM8)

(f) Excise Entries (IM8)


This is one of our major areas of expertise and we assist in the establishment, control and management in line with ZIMRA set rules and standards. We provide solutions to questions frequently asked by current and potential bonded warehouse operators. These questions include;

(a) How do we register a bonded warehouse with ZIMRA?

(b) What is the purpose of a bonded warehouse?

(c) What benefits do we drive from having a bonded warehouse?

(d) What products can be stored in a bonded warehouse?

(e) How long can we keep imported goods in a warehouse before duty becomes due?

(f) Can we export goods from a bonded warehouse?


We take pride in our ability to offer consultancy services in all customs clearing matters. Our team is equipped, knowledgeable and geared to give you expert advice on all the customs aspects of ZIMRA which include the following:

1) Bonded warehouse registration, maintenance and control.

2) Customs Rebates which include

(a) Rebate of duty on immigrant’s rebates.

(b) Suspension of duty on motor vehicles and other goods imported for use by physically handicapped persons.

(c) Rebate of duty on goods donated to associations and organizations in Zimbabwe involved in charitable or welfare work.

(d) Rebate of duty on goods imported by a foreign organization under an aid or technical corporation agreement.

(e) Rebate of duty on goods imported for mineral exploration or for use by a specified mine. Just to mention a few.

3) Permit Applications

4) R.I.Ts

5) ATIPs



SBS offers logistical support to transporters on the major entry and exit points. Services offered include:

(a) Monitoring movement of trucks as they are discharged from ports

(b) Ensuring that the prerequisite pre-clearances are lodged with ZIMRA before arrival of trucks at the border posts.  Liaising with clearing agents on the South African, Mozambican, Zambian and

Botswana sides of the border to ensure smooth movement of trucks while in transit. Due to increased volumes of transit shipments from Mozambique going up north to Zambia and DRC, we as SBS have entered into working partnerships with our counterparts from Mozambique, Zambia and DRC to increase efficiency by reducing the waiting period at all various ports.

(d) Obtaining the necessary ZIMRA releases to truck drivers timeously thereby avoiding demurrage costs and improving truck turnaround time.

  1. Can I track my cargo?

 Yes, you can through the use of Airway bill numbers and shipping lines.

  1. How quickly can I get a quote?

 In cases where the service required is within SBS Group, it takes less than 30 minutes. Then in cases where the service required involves other 3rd parties, e.g. Airlines the time taken will vary. Customers can send an email at for quotation or call our office.

  1. ill there be any costs at destination to consider?

 Yes, there will be costs of duties and handling costs in some cases.

  1. What kind of additional charges could I risk running into with my shipment?

One can risk running into additional charges by not correctly declaring goods, it is important to correctly declare and classify goods imported or exported to avoid charges from ZIMRA. There are also storage costs that may arise from ZIMRA when you have goods overstaying in warehouses. Delays are also possible in some cases due to improper declarations, fine payments etc.

  1. Are you licensed and bonded?

 Yes, we are licensed with Zimra and bonded too.

  1. Are there any specific requirements at destination I need to be aware of?

Yes, the origin of goods should be known, permit documentations should be in place, classification should be known. At SBS, we help our clients in ensuring that all requirements are ready in order to avoid delays.


  1. Do I have to pack and prepare my own cargo?


It depends, one can do so on their own but it is important to engage airlines or shipping lines to guide you in the process of how it is to be correctly done. It is important to have the airlines or shipping lines to do it on your behalf as they have the expertise and knowledge of how cargo should be packaged.

  1. If I need to ship by a certain date or need cargo to arrive by a certain date, what are my best options?


The best option to ship timeously would be use of Airlines as they are much faster in transportation, but also costly. Therefore, one has to weigh the options based on their ability.

  1. What is your relationship with BEFORWARD?


We are an accredited Sales Agent of Be Forward vehicles and parts, as well as their preferred clearing agent.

  1. Can I select my car and pay for BEFORWARD through your offices?


You are very welcome to do so through the Be Forward Joina City offices.

  1. Will you handle everything until the car is delivered to my doorstep?


Yes, indeed, the process is meant to be as easy as possible for you, all we need you to do is check your email for updates.

  1. Do you offer after sales service on BEFORWARD vehicles?

We certainly do, we have a dedicated auto-parts department in case you need genuine parts for your car and any other general help after the purchase of your vehicle.

  1. Where can I find SBS and their BEFORWARD offices?


Southern Business Services is located at Number 2 Sandringham Drive, Alexandra Park – Harare.

Be Forward is located at Shop number 106, 1st Floor Joina City, Corner Jason Moyo and Julius Nyerere – Harare.



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