P-Series finally arrives

P-Series finally arrives

It is now finally in Zimbabwe!

The boldness, luxury and above all, this well-priced truck is now in the country courtesy of Zimoco. DRIVEtorque has been waiting for this game changing truck for more than a year. It will be on sale from the 1st of April 2021. No this is definitely no April’s fool’s day edict.

GWM has been in South Africa and Zimbabwe since 2007. I have always said that just because Zimoco is selling the P Series, that alone is a plus because Zimoco would not sell a fly by night brand. They have a reputation to maintain and protect. They are a brand you can trust. This is something which is very important no matter what type of car you buy.

Factor in significantly lower prices when compared to similar models from Toyota and Ford, then GWM’s trucks cannot be overruled.

In South Africa, GWM together with its SUV division, Haval, have long since surpassed old SA favourites like Opel, Mitsubishi and even Honda and just keeps on growing overtaking.

Bold look

The example on review here is the range topping ‘Passenger’ double-cab LT 4×4 8AT model, which means it comes with all the bells and whistles, pulls with all four wheels and has an automatic gearbox.

As you can see, GWM didn’t hold back when they designed the range-topping P-series because a bolder exterior, on a bakkie, has yet to see the light of day.

The nose is massive and a massive nose needs a massive grill and that massive grill on its own sports more chrome than what you will find on a small hatchback.

If GWM’s intention was to make people look, they succeeded. When I went to South Africa last month I saw a couple on the roads. They turned my head. It’s a head turner. It has presence.

The P-Series in ‘Passenger’ spec even has a chrome roll bar which, of course, is standard kit, and viewed from the rear looks quite good.

Overall it’s a good looking double-cab. You can actually accuse it of being a bit flashy. My only desire would be bigger chunky wheels. Something tells me that this will be corrected on facelifts. The fenders come just a tad too far out and therefore make the wheels look small.

A wider set of tyres, maybe even with a more aggressive track, will definitely compliment the P-Series.

Luxury everywhere

It has the feel of a Mercedes X-Class.

The P-Series is by far the most luxurious double-cab bakkie I have encountered, as far as interior finish goes, as well as features. Right throughout the vehicle, only quality materials are present, whether it be the leather seats or the rubber covering the dash.

What really stands out are the door panels covered in cross-stitched, thick padded leather – yes, padded!

Nowhere inside the P-Series model can you point and find fault because, apart from the high quality of the various coverings, the fit is also as precise as it comes. The cabin is vast with an SUV feel, offering plenty of room for front- and backseat occupants.

The image quality of 9-inch high definition touch screen is what one expects from premium vehicles and from it, a host of features are controlled.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible, the screen connects to cameras afore, aft and along the sides to give the driver a 360 degree when reversing or when negotiating tight spots.

There’s even a ‘from above’ view which is created by software using the imagery recorded by all the cameras as a whole.

A ‘first’ for the truck segment must surely be the wireless charging pad situated in the centre console which, if your smartphone supports wireless charging, allows you to just place it on the pad and it starts taking on power.

Full electrically adjustable front seats, cruise control, built-in dash cam plus dash cam USB port in the rearview mirror housing, steering wheel paddle shifts, start/stop button, keyless entry; these are just some of the range-topping P-Series’ luxury features.


As with luxury features, GWM didn’t hold back when fitting the bakkie with safety tech. The brand says it made use of an ‘armoured system’ to strengthen the body and also used ‘high strength’ steel for the ladder frame on which the bakkie’s cab and bin sit.

Electronic safety aids include Park Distance Control, Stability Control, Traction Control, Hill Assist, Brake Assist, Hill Decent Control, park sensors in the rear and tyre pressure sensors.

Seven airbags are positioned around the cabin to keep occupants safe.

Software making driving the P-series safer come included an ‘Intelligent Diving Assists’ system, ‘Full-Speed’ Auto Cruise Control’ with self-adaptive cruise control and ‘smart’ cruise control, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane-Keep Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition.

The P-Series Passenger LT 4×4 8AT’s safety features, together with the luxury kit are just too vast to explain here in detail, and best to explore on GWM SA’s website.

All together there are 16 P-Series models and all of them are powered by a 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engine delivering 120kW and 400Nm.


With this modern, luxurious double cab GWM hopes to attract those who want a Ranger Wildtrak or a Hilux 2.8GD Raider by offering the same fancy features plus more, at a reduced price.

With a price starting from US$USD35,500, the P-Series enters the market as the least expensive truck that will give you more car and SUV luxury feel than any on the market.

Plus, Zimoco’s five-year/100 000km warranty and five-year/100 000km service plan is also a better offer than most.

Thus, if you always wanted a luxury double cab but couldn’t afford the astronomic US$60000 plus price that they go for these days, the P-Series is most definitely a worthy alternative and deserves a test drive.

Contact Zimoco on 0242-885329/30 for a test drive

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