Moovah to the rescue with Moovah PAYD

Moovah to the rescue with Moovah PAYD

Moovah has come up with an exciting insurance package for long suffering motorists.

All along insurance premiums were the same across the board, whether one has what has become known as ‘mushika shika vehicles or is a private driver with numerous vehicles and drives less frequently

Moovah PAYD (Pay As You Drive) is new insurance package that allows you to pay insurance based on an array of metrics. It factors such metrics as mileage, speed and acceleration. Simply put it means you the driver is in control of how much you pay as a premium!

What about that for a deal that not only helps you leave your wallet with some savings in your pocket after paying your premium but at the same time also control the usage of your car.

And you need not to worry about the accuracy of the data Moovah   uses to determine what you pay, the free tracker installed in the car will glean data in an efficient manner that has been proved to be of international standards. All data and information will treated with utmost private and confidential.

Accidents is one of the worst nightmares for any driver. Good news again, on this front, if you ever are involved in an accident, the Moovah operations team will receive a distress call automatically and they will react by deploying MARS and vehicle towing…all for free 

For more information and quotations please email or contact their broker for a quote.

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