How To Remove Water Spots On Car Glass

How To Remove Water Spots On Car Glass

If you are having a headache removing the hard water spots on your car, read our below useful car care tips below.

Some people may find it not a big deal but believe us, water spots can be one of the most irritating things that you have to deal with, no matter how regular you clean your car. Water spots can be tiny things but one may not even know they can potentially cause harm to your car’s paint. The thing is, you can’t always avoid water to keep your vehicle all safe, even if you avoid taking your car out every single rainy day. Then comes a question, how to remove water spots on your car glass? Kindly read on for further details.

Before going any further into how to remove rain spots and water spots off our car, we should understand how it accumulates in the first place. Normally, there are three types of water spots that can occur to your car’s glass.


  1. Hard Water Spots

As you know, tap water is not usually as pure as people suppose it to be. In fact, there’s a lot of minerals contained in tap water that can harden after a long time. It will be difficult to remove the chalky substance formed by the hard water on your vehicle.

  1. Bonded Mineral

The water drops with high minerals from acid rain with high sulfuric and nitric acid will cause these types. Bonded minerals are even more troublesome to remove than hardened water spots.

  1. Etching

Etching occurs after the water droplets are heated under the hot weather and dry quickly on the car’s cover. Etching can be so evasive that it can erode your car’s coat with time.

Now that you get water spots on your car, it’s time you find out the most effective methods to remove them. A water spot remover or a detailing spray can be a good start for you but in case you don’t have one, here are some solutions to follow.

  1. Washing The Vehicle

The first thing you should do to remove watermarks from your car is a complete wash. Chances are you know how to wash your car at home, or else, you must pay for the professional car washers. Prepare two bucket wash for your car cleaning.

Do note that it’s not really practical to use de-ionized water to remove water spots off your vehicle. In case you greatly concern about this, you can contemplate using distilled water for the final rinse. You’d better wash your car in a shared area and dry it with microfiber cloth/towels.

  1. Using White Vinegar

Washing your car with two bucket wash won’t help get rid of all the mineral deposits then it’s about time to use white vinegar this time around. Mix white vinegar with distilled water to 1:1 ratio that will work well to remove magnesium and calcium deposits. Apply this vinegar liquid gently to the affected area in around 1- 2 minutes, rinse the area and dry it totally.

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