Top 7 Outfits You Need for Any Road Trip

Top 7 Outfits You Need for Any Road Trip

When you’re prepping to take to the open road for a driving vacation with your friends or family, it can be a challenge knowing what to pack in your duffel bag. Many people make the common mistake of underpacking, only to discover that they’re not fully prepared to experience everything the road has to show them.

But that won’t be you if you follow the advice below. Here are seven essential outfits that you need for any road trip.

The “This Drive Will Take A While” Outfit

Maybe you have an adorable outfit planned for your road trip. While it might look amazing on, it could likely be a little uncomfortable to wear in the car for hours at a time. So when you’re prepping for a few days on the road, make sure a few of your outfits are loose-fitting, hard to stain, and most importantly, comfortable to wear (a well-fitting pair of women’s jeans would be a terrific option).

The “It’s Colder Than I Expected” Outfit

One of the weather factors road trippers forget is that a long drive can take you from one weather forecast right into another one. If you drive from low to high elevations in a matter of hours, you’ll find very different temperatures at the mountaintop than you will at the mountain’s bottom. So even if you’re not staying the night somewhere cold, make sure you bring something that’ll ensure you’re comfortable when you step outside the car if the temperatures drop—think warm women’s sweaters, shoes that keep your toes covered, and maybe even a jacket.

The “It’s Hotter Than I Predicted” Outfit

On the flip side of that coin, it’s just as important to bring an outfit that’ll help you fend off unexpectedly warm weather when you’re on a road trip as well. A lightweight skirt and top paired with relaxed sandals can get you through a warm-weather day comfortably.


The “Who Knew They Had a Pool?” Outfit

If there’s a favorite activity that you always partake in when you have the chance, like going for a swim, playing a round of tennis, or taking a run along a trail, be sure to pack at least one outfit that’ll allow you participate if given the opportunity. Toss in your swimsuit in case the hotel has a pool—those unexpected chances to do what you love in a whole new place are often the best memories from a trip.


The “Let’s Hang At The Hotel for the Day” Outfit

Although you spend most of your day sitting in a climate-controlled vehicle, it can be really exhausting to drive for days on end. That’s why you need to bring along an outfit that you can wear if you decide to take a break for the day and just hang out at a hotel reading a book or binge-watching a favorite show thanks to the free WiFi.


Don’t forget to toss in a pair of leggings or sweats and a comfy tee so you can take advantage of taking a break along the way.


The “I’ll Never Get A Chance Like This Again” Outfit

Part of the excitement of a road trip is not always knowing where you’ll be or what you’ll be doing each day. Perhaps you’ll hear about a restaurant that’s dressier than your day clothes but too good to pass up, or a one-night-only show that you would kick yourself for missing.


Be sure to include one “dressier” outfit in your bag—perhaps a no-wrinkle dress and an easy-to-pack pair of ballet flats—to cover the basics for a fancier occasion and keep your options open for trying new things.


The “Let’s Walk to See That” Outfit

True, you’re not planning a hiking trip. But if you are facing the wide-open roads, at some point there will be something nearby that you might want to wander off and see.


No problem. Just pack some workout clothes and a pair of comfortable shoes that you’ll be happy to wear if you walk a few miles to get up close and personal with the best sights along the way.


The “Classic Road Trip Look” Outfit

If you’ve dreamed of a road trip, there’s probably an outfit you picture yourself in. Maybe it’s a pair of sunglasses and a scarf, a la Thelma & Louise, or maybe it’s an Instagram influencer look with a fluffy sweater, cute leather leggings, and a pair of pretty boots.


Just because it’s not recommended for wearing the entire trip doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun of wearing it at all. Whatever it is, toss it in your suitcase and wear it because, in the end, the experience is the point; just be ready to swap it for something more practical if it starts to get uncomfortable.

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