Mercedes me connect: A sparkling drive, a starry connection

Mercedes me connect: A sparkling drive, a starry connection

Mercedes me connect is available on the Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 4MATIC.

Cars started out as mere modes of transport. By enabling us to travel to new places and connecting us with each other, cars ended up changing the world.

Today, it is the world that has changed the car. We no longer see an automobile as a mere vehicle to get us from point A to point B. In this digital age, the car has truly become a key part of our lives.

Mercedes-Benz invented the automobile, so it is only fitting that the brand came up with Mercedes me connect – an app that enhances the Mercedes ownership experience by seamlessly integrating the car with the owner’s daily routine.

Connecting yourself to the car is simple. Start by downloading the Mercedes me 2020 app (available in the App Store and Google Play Store). Next, you register an account, pair it to a Mercedes me connect-enabled car, and authenticate it at Mercedes-Benz Center to access the full suite of features.

Using the app, you can now check on your vehicle’s status. Is it locked? How much fuel is left, and what range do I have? You can also check out your fluid levels and tyre pressure. In addition, you can remotely lock and unlock your vehicle, as well as help it to cool down before you get in by opening the windows and/or sunroof.

One of the advantages of all this advanced technology is how much power we have at our fingertips. Our smartphones facilitate schedule and route planning, which are big time-savers. Mercedes me connect has a Send2Car function that lets you plan your journeys. Open the map on the app, search for your intended destination and choose your preferred route.

Sending the information to the car automatically queues this up in the navigation system. The app can even show you real-time parking space availability and pricing at your destination. For even more accurate navigation, take advantage of what3words. This feature maps out concise locations in virtual 3m x 3m grids. Each grid is uniquely identified by three words (hence the name).

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, you can quickly search for restaurants and cafes from within the vehicle. Suggestions will be given based on your location, along with Yelp reviews.

Valet Protect gives owners greater peace of mind by enabling them to track their vehicle and monitor its status.

Even when you’re not behind the wheel, you still have a fair amount of control over your car. The app allows you to view your vehicle’s status. But it goes a step further with a feature called Valet Protect, which lets you monitor your car while it is parked.

The app can notify you if the vehicle is started, or if the car is driven beyond a pre-determined geo-fenced radius. This maximizes the security for your Mercedes-Benz, as you’ll be informed if your car is driven without authorization.


We’ve all gotten “lost” in carparks before, especially large and complicated ones like in big malls if you visit South Africa. Thanks to the Parked Vehicle Locator, this is no longer an issue. The app can show you the location of the vehicle on the map and suggest a route to get to it from your current position. You can also use the app to flash your Mercedes’ headlights to help you spot it from afar.

Parking in a large and unfamiliar carpark is no longer an issue, as the Parked Vehicle Locator in Mercedes me connect can guide you back to your vehicle.

If you have lent your Mercedes to a friend or family member, you can set the app to notify you if the car is driven above a defined speed limit. So, if your son or daughter has taken the car, they’ll know they can’t speed without you knowing!

Helping keep the other authorized Mercedes driver honest is the Geofencing function, which can be set to notify you when the car enters and leaves various user-defined zones.

If your son or daughter says they’re heading to supper at Victoria 22, you can actually make sure this is really where he or she is going!

Mercedes me connect isn’t just about navigating to new places and finding your vehicle in large carparks. It’s also about seamlessly letting you and other drivers personalize their driving experience.

Using the app, you can tailor up to six different user profiles. This lets each user adjust a range of vehicle settings, from display styles to interior lighting to favourite shortcuts. Your Mercedes will remember your preferred settings each time you get into the car.

Oftentimes, our busy lives make it difficult to remember important things. How many of us can say that we don’t a reminder to remember our loved ones’ birthdays or key events?

The same goes for car maintenance. Not everyone is an enthusiast. Remembering when your next oil change is due, or when your tyres need to be rotated again are not at the top of your priority list.

Mercedes me connect, however, can remember all this – and more – for you. The app keeps track of your maintenance schedule and vehicle mileage so you can stay on top of things. Using the app, you can conveniently schedule a service appointment.

The app does more than just help you plan. It also helps you react.

Should you run into say, a flat tyre or if the engine warning light should come on, assistance is a button away. Using the Me call button, you’ll be connected to the Mercedes-Benz Customer Care Centre.

In the event of an accident or emergency, simply push the emergency call button and you will be directed to a call centre that handles emergencies.

Owners whose cars do not come with Mercedes me connect installed from the factory can still take advantage of the app’s features through a Mercedes me Adapter. Help in an emergency is just a button press away.


This retrofit solution offers a selection of key features that include vehicle health monitoring, finding nearby carparks or service stations, and booking appointments at Mercedes-Benz Authorized Service Centers.

Today, our cars aren’t just immensely more capable. They are also more integrated than ever in our digital lives. Indeed, a car is no longer merely a mode of transport.

Manfred Chaniwa, Zimoco’s Business Development Manager said “Zimbabweans will only be able to enjoy such technology once the country is 5 G enabled.”

Mercedes me connect lets you access a wealth of services that makes your life and your driving experience more seamless, personal and secure.

No matter what happens, you can depend on the knowledge that assistance is just an app – and a click – away.

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