Mercedes-Benz EQ Lineup Will Be Enhanced by AMG Models

Mercedes-Benz EQ Lineup Will Be Enhanced by AMG Models

Amid the coming flurry of electric vehicles, Mercedes will make AMG versions.


Mercedes will make AMG performance versions of its upcoming EQ electric vehicles, according to Daimler’s R&D chief.

We don’t have full details other than that not every future EQ gets an AMG version.

Separately, the automaker said individual chief designers are being assigned to handle EQ, Maybach, and AMG models to raise their profiles.

Daimler’s performance brand AMG will offer derivatives of future EQ models, Daimler R&D chief Markus Schäfer revealed in a discussion today. While there are already AMG styling packages for the EQC and the EQA, AMG is tasked with producing full-fledged electric performance cars in the future.


The plans come on top of AMG’s dedication to plug-in hybrids, such as the upcoming 800-hp AMG GT73. The just-announced EQA version with around 280 horsepower will not be an AMG derivative. Schäfer also said that not every EQ line will receive an AMG model.


AMG originated as an independent tuner and was eventually acquired by Daimler; while there is a close technological exchange and personnel is switched between AMG and other Daimler brands, the subsidiary has maintained far greater independence than BMW’s M GmbH or Audi Sport, the former quattro GmbH.


In his remarks, Schäfer alluded to continuous discussions about the scope of AMG’s independent engineering work. Mercedes-AMG is chaired by Philipp Schiemer, previously head of Mercedes-Benz do Brasil. Important milestones include the M156/159 6.2-liter V-8 engine, which AMG developed in-house, and the SLS gull-winged supercar, its first stand-alone project.


In a separate discussion, Daimler chief designer Gorden Wagener outlined his plans to assign designers to each of the company’s sub-brands as a way to enhance their profiles. They will be in charge of representing them and furthering their respective projects. He views them not as “chief designers” but designers that will “take care of the brands.” The arrangement will be modeled after a similar arrangement at Smart, where Kai Sieber has that role. All the designers will be reporting to Gorden Wagener.

Wagener said that Robert Lesnik will be responsible for AMG, Hartmut Sinkwitz will take care of Maybach, and Steffen Köhl will be in charge of the EQ line of vehicles.

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