Driven 2020 Mitsubishi Triton

Driven 2020 Mitsubishi Triton

It’s a fact that Mitsubishi Triton is the least inexpensive compared to Toyota Hilux and Isuzu

A double-cab truck, 2.4-litre petrol, auto transmission, Triton has a drive away price of US$51400 from Zimoco the only official dealership of Mitsubishi in Zimbabwe. Price was on the day of our test drive.

Triton sets a benchmark value wise. You get a lot of tech and features for your money.

It has a longer warranty. Zimoco offers buyers a three-year/100000 kms warranty whatever comes first.

Mitsubishi Triton looks work-orientated and stylish. It looks clean-cut, modern and aggressive.

The Mitsubishi Triton 2.4-litre diesel uses 7.0L/100km. The Hilux 2.4-litre diesel engine is 0.1 litres higher, at 7.1L/100km.

The Triton has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It’s so easy to navigate using Google Maps from your phone, respond to texts and push away long journeys while listening to your music on Spotify. The Hilux doesn’t have this option. It’s not standard on all Triton models though, just the GLX+ and upwards.

The Triton’s 2.4-litre diesel engine has more torque and powerful. The Mitsubishi 2.4-litre turbo diesel produces 133kW@3,500rpm and 430Nm@2,500rpm, Vs the Hilux’s 110kW@3,400rpm and 343Nm between 1,400rpm and 2,800rpm on a manual gearbox model. A Hilux with an automatic transmission can handle 400Nm@1,600–2,000rpm.

Mitsubishi publishes payload and cargo bed dimensions. Toyota does not. The Triton can carry up to 1,284kg as a RWD petrol chassis cab and 858kg as the top spec GLS Premium Double Cab 4×4.

The Triton has 98 4- and 5-star ratings from owners. On a site that lets owners leave reviews of their trucks, the Triton had 98 4- and 5-star ratings from buyers. The Hilux only had 55. This means Mitsubishi interacts more with its buyers than Toyota. This explains the upgrades fro Mitsubishi

Diesel Tritons have a six-speed automatic or manual. The Hilux has a five-speed manual and a six-speed automatic on its 2.4-litre diesel.

Motoring journalists said the 2019 Triton is class-leading in safety equipment.

2019 model rose in price. The motoring media marked the Triton down as prices rose for the 2019 model.

The Triton has a low towing capacity. Toyota claims some Hilux models can tow 3,500kg, whereas the Triton maxes out at 3,100kg. Most trucks aim for the 3.5-tonne towing benchmark. You could argue that after factoring in payload, trailer ball download and GVM, the Toyota would actually measure nearer to the Triton’s towing figure

The 4×4 system on the Triton is full-time 4WD. The Hilux one is only part-time.

If you are after value for money, a truck not as big as rivals that is handy around town with a good towing performance, best in class technology and the best safety credentials, then go for the Triton

Mitsubishi has kept its value stance, but added in important safety equipment that’s almost essential in any contemporary product. It is worth concidering if you are on the market for a truck


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